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Graham Seabrook


Having worked in many technical and senior management appointments for IBM for 24 years, Graham now brings 12 years management consultancy experience to the Insight Centre. He has worked with the boards of many top companies in the areas of strategic planning, problem solving, programme management and change management. He has recently managed three >£15m projects in the EU, as well as smaller projects. He specialises in programme and project management, taking a holistic view to the delivery of strategic projects on time, on budget, and to user delight.



Rob Willcocks



Rob has spent 30 years working in Local Government mainly as an internal auditor with a special interest in computer applications, systems, risk management and value for money including lean systems. Rob is a CIPFA qualified accountant and PRINCE2 practioner. He loves nothing more that working with groups tackling difficult and often dry issues in a structured but above all enjoyable manner. He has worked for and with a number of local authorities, the National Health Service and the voluntary sector on specific projects ranging from the development of a training quality management database to business planning workshops.

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Beryl Badger



Beryl's passion is enabling individuals and organisations to identify and work towards realising their potential. To do this she has worked as an external consultant, an internal consultant, lecturer and mentor/coach for over 30years. The particular tools she uses include: organisational and individual learning, mental modelling, change management, visualisation, communities of practice, opinion leaders and sources of learning. She has received many accolades including the Distinguished Badge of Merit from the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development. Her current focus is on sustaining change, using organisational learning to increase good infection control practices in hospitals, development of multi disciplinary workers and maximising the output of the over 50s.


Glen Crust



For the past fifteen years Dr Glen Crust has worked in performance development and transition with managers, postgraduates and undergraduates from a very broad range of disciplines. Glen trained in and practices Carl Rogers’ Person Centred Approach and is a qualified MBTI practitioner.


Janine Edge



Janine brings her skills of conflict management and negotiation to the Insight Centre, as this is often the first step in change management in many organisations. Her background as a senior London lawyer for many years (a partner of law firm Slaughter and May) brings the clarity, communication and fairness required to generate trust in an often emotional atmosphere. Janine’s supplementary background as a Visiting Fellow (Nottingham Trent University) in organisational psychology furthers the strong credibility in her proficiency.




Paul Filmore



Paul has years of experience in education and training, developing the personal, professional, research & creative skills of graduates. He tutors companies in breakthrough thinking, and systematic problem solving method TRIZ, and supervises PhD student reearch in these areas. He is a physicist-engineer and joint course leader and tutor on an RDA funded Programme for developing entrepreneurs (part of a three-year programme called Knowledge Exploitation South West). He offers organisational and technical guidance on innovation, to many companies.




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 Mariellen Romer

MBA, BA, AKC, Inst. Mgt. Consultants

Mariellen has spent 24 yars in the IT industry, most recently as a business change practitioner delivering successful client change management activities, mainly in SAP, ERP and complex systems integration driven transformation projects. Her specialist areas are change readiness, communications, branding and culture change, where she enjoys the creativity of working with different ways of thinking and solving problems in a practical way through people. Mariellen has worked with clients in the insurance, local and central Government, utilities and telecomunnications sectors, in the UK and abroad.


 Gerri McManus

Gerri is new to the team but has years of experience working with clients. More information available soon.

Guido Bugmann

Member of eight national/ international professional bodies

Dr Guido Bugmann brings excellence in research consultancy to the Insight Centre. He is a Reader in Intelligent Systems and heads the Robotics Intelligence Laboratory at the University of Plymouth. He trained in physics and has been investigating computational neuroscience, interactive intelligent robotics (spoken interfaces, vision, planning, control) and artificial neural networks since 1987. He has worked at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (photovoltaic cells, plasma physics, ultrasound sensing), at the Fundamental Research Laboratories of NEC in Japan and at King's College London. He has 3 patents and over 100 publications.

 Catherine Thom



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