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We can help you:

develop innovations that will disrupt your competitors

identify and mitigate external disruptive innovation threats,
plan and manage organisational & cultural change projects and programmes,
develop teams and professional skills,
innovate product design and services,
use TRIZ & other creative, technical, and organisational problem solving techniques and processes,
review your innovation portfolio to recognise the business opportunities of your innovation options,
reorientate, reinvigorate & restructure unproductive teams and sections,
to increase your competitive advantage, and fulfil personal potential and organisational ambition.
Our experience:

individual core team members bring up to 20 years consulting experience in these areas (see case studies & testimonials and clients). For example, co-ordinating the UK involvement of a 3 year, 3 million Euro EU project investigating how in part to provide help to industrialists wanting to understand how disruptive innovation can be fostered as part of a major competitive strategy,

our team members have managed multi-million pound projects, and have worked with organisations in the UK, Czech Republic, France, Spain, Belgium, across a range of industries (product development, manufacture, communications, service, utilities and research),
includes the use of the latest proven tools and techniques, and is supplemented by access to the latest research.
Further information :

Case studies, example workshops, leaflets and research papers on 'Disruptive Breakthrough'

Background, example workshops and resources on systematic innovation method TRIZ

Our process for managing organisational & cultural change projects

Leaflets available: overview poster, our overview, disruptive innovation, project management, TRIZ, and our change management framework
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