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Business Process Design

An organisation can have the structure shown in the triangle.

  • The mission is what the company is all about, what it is trying to achieve, what it represents
  • The targets are the measurable ambitions of the company. Achieving all the targets will ensure that the mission is also achieved.
  • The critical success factors are those things that HAVE to go right in order that the targets are met. Achieving all the CSF’s means that the targets are also met.
  • The business processes are the defined actions being carried out in the company e.g., a sales business process or a purchasing process.
  • IT systems support the key business processes.


  • It is vital that there is vertical integrity within an organisation.
  • This means that the most recently developed and reliable IT systems
    are supporting the key business processes, which in turn support the most critical success factor, which in turn supports
    the key target which in turn support the mission.
  • There is often a lack of this vertical integrity !!

The Cogs

Imagine four cogs that need to mesh in with each other.

They can all turn at different speeds, but they have to turn at a speed that the next cog can cope with.

For example, it is no good the board making far reaching decisions about products, markets etc., if the day-to-day business processes cannot change fast enough to cope. Either the board must slow down its decisions ( no change, and fatal ) or the day-to-day processes and data requirements must be flexible enough to cope with rapid and frequent re-design.



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